The email technology as we know it today is quite old and some of the terms we use now are taken from the past days like bcc for which you might have wondered what is this bcc in email means. 

I am sure that you must have seen CC today, and you might have often wondered what does the CC mean on an email then we are going to answer this question for you today.  

In this blog today we are going to tell you what does BCC mean in email and CC so that you are familiar with this term and you understand what is it. 

Meaning of CC and BCC in an email – 

So, let us begin with understanding what does BCC mean and CC mean in an email, CC stands for carbon copy, whereas, BCC stands for blind carbon copy. 

Now, that you know what does BCC stand for and what CC stands for we are going to tell you how this is used and the purpose it has. 

Sending email cc meaning is when you are sending a carbon copy of the email to someone else which will be seen by the receiver. 

BCC email meaning is also sending a copy of the email to someone else in this case the receiver will not be able to see to whom the email has been sent. 

Now, you successfully know what does BCC do and what does CC do you can use it whenever you want to and you can decide whether you want to add CC or whether you want to add BCC in your email. 

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